Hello!!! I haven’t been around this days, but i just want to warning you that I’M HERE, i’m back! Ehehe :p
NEW PHOTOS, that i promise!
I have a question: What kind of photos you like the most???
Today i was writing a text, more like a beginning of a book…. xD writing about stories, about lifes. Looking at the fact that our lifes, our stories, it’s what make us go forward, make us keep going, because even with all the bad things, moments of sadness and with all the joy, all those little things, that’s what make each one different, and make us “fight back”…
I want that my photos start telling stories…. Start showing something more, those special moments, and that people can connect with those stories, identify themselves in each story, feel moved by them and like it… That’s what i’m looking forward!!! 😉 Hope you like my photos.
In the beginning of a long journey 🙂
Always and forever

Dora Santos (msdaccs)


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